MO03AUG15 – 1000:  THE SHOW IS FULL….THE APPLICATION PERIOD IS NOW CLOSED…WE’RE ACCEPTING NO MORE ENTRIES….IT’S NOW TOO LATE…SORRY!!!  This week is now about cutting grass, finishing signs, marking out areas……the physical, practical bit!!!  Thankyou to the well over 250 applicants who applied to join us before last week-end!!  If you are guilty of late entry…..YOU WILL BE PLACED ON THE RESERVE LIST.  Being brutally honest….it’s very, very unlikely that we’ll be able to ‘fit you all in’.  If we can. you’ll hear from us.  A very clear access procedure to this event has to exist because it’s such a small area. We’ve ‘squeezed in’ as much as we can within the Laws of safety, space, escape and access.  We have to respond quickly and efficiently in the event of ‘an incident’….we can do this…honest, guv!!  A very clear departure process applies, too.  SPEED LIMITS…maximum of 10 mph on site…ideally 5 mph.  Vehicles will be moving around during the Show…great care, please!!  Contributions for Event Booklets and voluntary contributions will be much valued and appreciated.  A Show described to me yesterday charged £10 per vehicle.  Thankyou to the scores of people offering support to this organisation….we have plans for the future.  You could become a stakeholder.  Something to think about…. in July we hosted 50 visitors per day to this website.  Those visitors looked at 34000 pages…THANKYOU FOR YOUR INTEREST.  If you are a business we could could construct links….interested????  Contact us.   ATB Peter, John, Ed, Reg & Co!!