TU04AUG15 – 2315: Good evening, all  Trevor asks for clarification of timings…  The main gates open at 0800 on SA080815.  Please arrive by 1000…no later than 1030, please!!  The Show actually starts at 1100.  First hour 1100 to 1200 – relax get to know the neighbours – social exchanges…  The judges will be circulating to complete a preliminary assessment of the vehicles.  1200-1300 – closer inspection and selection procedures…  Lunch period 1200-1300.  Decisions about awards reached by 1400.  Some interviews after this and a small selection of vehicles to drive into the main Arena.  Lots of photos being taken from 1100 to 1500 including moving video this year…wowee!!  Exhibitors are requested to stay on site until 1600.  The Show ends at 1700.  Awards presented first from 1430 near to your ‘home space’.  Some owners will be invited into the main Arena after 1530.  Their awards will be presented by V.I.P.s and Gs.O.H.again in the Arena.                                                                       More details to follow tomorrow!!  Bedtime now!!  Sleep well.  John G.