SU090815 – 0600:  Thankyou to every single person who made any contribution to Transport Classics 2015.  It was truly amazing to see all the effort ‘come together’ to produce what we all experienced yesterday.  I hope you all enjoyed a really great day….it certainly looked like it from my point of view!!!  I intend to mention all those who gave freely of their time, expertise, knowledge, skill and energy to support the planning, organisation and delivery of our day.  I thought it was immense…not perfect, yet, but not bad!!!!  These groups made it all possible….THOSE WHO CONTRIBUTED FREELY THROUGHOUT THE 12 MONTH ‘BUILD UP’ TO TC15.   Thankyou, Peter for your unbelievable tolerance and patience in the I.T. ‘department’.  Information and communication has become a key dimension in the way we operate here.  I’ve called Peter Duerden a genius before and the label is certainly justified.  It is very simple, Peter….this event would not exist as it is now without your amazing input.  I am very, very grateful.  Thankyou also Mary Duerden for your support, encouragement and willingness to become involved in this project.  You certainly have a very significant advisory role, and have contributed immensely to steer the event into its current place. THANKYOU to Alison, my wife, for her ability to endure the vast array of situations and emotions that have really controlled our lives recently.  I think the key word for our families is TOLERANCE.  We couldn’t have done any of the work without your willingness to accept our obsessive need to ‘get it right’!!  Then, the ‘build up’ teams who knew what was going to be discussed the moment we met, wherever and whenever that happened.  To Kevin Heaps and his family for their wisdom and encouragement.  I know he continues to be in sheer and complete disbelief at my inability to see the obvious!!  He has motivated many of the decisions that have created the Show.  THANKYOU to Rob Arbon, and his family, who have become a very significant part of our team.  Rob is the ‘young thinker’.  He represents the views and opinions of a future generation of organisers!!  It’s great for ‘the old gits’ to be questioned and challenged, Rob.  You have done that very, very well this year.  THANKYOU to all those of you who offered your services in the guiding, marshalling and event organisation teams.  To Howard Money, for his incredible willingness and ability to inject energy into those around him.  I appreciate Howard’s ‘shadow’ on the day.  He goes to where others ‘fear to tread’, and appears ‘genie like’ with the coffee and words that encourage us to think ‘why didn’t we think of that’!!!  Howard has become a much respected, experienced advisor.  Thankyou to all the marshals, the judges, and support teams for your key contributions on the day.  THANKYOU to all our friends, THE EXHIBITORS, without whom this Show could not happen.  There must be NO DOUBT that we couldn’t do this without you and your incredible collection of vehicles.  THANKYOU to Dave, Mike and the members of MICCE who are at the heart of many decisions.  They also have the incredible ability to see ‘the funny side’, and dissolve complicated decisions and situations with the humour and derision that many richly deserve!!  I’ll stop for now, but be in no doubt that if you think I’ve forgotten you…..forget it!!  You are all on my lists, and will be the target of my relentless pestering about the 2016 event!!  Our first decision…THE DATE?  Don’t know yet!!  We have to wait for ‘the important people’ on Mersea Island to make theirs first, we then ‘fit in’!!  Thankyou for reading this….every visitor and ‘quiet supporter’ has a place in the development of this Show.  Tell us straight through our email address  ….3 observations came in last evening…that was quick Tony, Alan and George!!!  We are seriously pleased you enjoyed the day.  We’re ‘on the case’ to improve all the issues you’ve raised to make TC16 ‘our best ever’.  THANKYOU, ALL!!  ATB…Peter, Ed, Reg, John and the immense network of support around us!!  Thankyou, Mark for your views views, too.  If you ordered a plaque and didn’t collect one yesterday simply send us a cheque for £2 and we’ll post one to you.  Similarly, if you need a copy of the Show Guide, contact us soon for your copy.  Any donation would be much appreciated.  ATB P&J…and Co!!