SU02AUG15 – To repeat and confirm….THE SHOW IS FULL.  We have a RESERVE LIST growing by the second!!  All the ENTRY PASSES HAVE BEEN EMAILED OR POSTED OUT….you should have yours by now….tell us quickly if you don’t!!  You must bring you ENTRY PASS TO THE EVENT ON 080815.  No pass – no entry!!  The lists on the website are updated regularly.  If your name is not on the lists, you are not registered.  If you’re NOT ON….you’re NOT IN!!  The Show area will be mown early next week…..there will be no grass cuttings on the ground when you arrive on 080815.  The gates open at 0800 on 080815.  Please try to arrive by 1000….1030 at the latest.  You’ll be met by a team of marshals.  They’ll tell you where to go!!!  There will be new, large signs to help us all.  If you are a Club Co-ordinator, please make contact with Rob Arbon on arrival.  He’ll guide you to your zone.  Please stay within your Club zone or area.  The population density (!!!!) will be greater than last year….we have many more vehicles on site on the day.  PLEASE keep your speed down to a minimum…no roaring down the access lane like that Spitfire last year!!!  All movement should be no more than 10 mph at any time when you’re on the site, ideally down to 5 mph occasionally.  Essex County Council has ‘plastered’ some local roads with granite chippings recently….we’ve made contact with them….they ‘couldn’t give a monkeys’ about our cars….some very unhappy people out this way!!!  Take care if faced with any hazard like that……we look forward to seeing you here in one piece on 080815.  The event ends at 1700…please stay with us until 1600…thankyou.  ATB Peter, John, Ed, Reg….and Co!!!    You are invited to make a fair and reasonable voluntary contribution to our Charity Funds on the day….remember…you pay nothing to enter this Show…we thank you all!!!  CU SOON!!