SU090815 – 0830:  We’d like to construct a complete ‘Gallery’ of all the photographs taken yesterday at TC15.  If you took any, please send them to us.  We will acknowledge all your work, and are happy to link the vehicle owners and photographers.  A donation for this offer would be much appreciated, but we are NOT CHARGING for the service.  We will accept all photos taken yesterday including those taken of family enjoyment of the Summer Show. If young people are photographed we will, of course, ask for ‘permission to publish’ from the adults in their families.  I’d like to see the young ones enjoying themselves at Transport Classics and at The Mersea Lions’ Summer Show – 2015, please.  This would of course include young ones of all ages!!!  If you took photos of enjoyment in any part of The Summer Show, please send them to us.  Your pictures could appear on this website.  We shared a number of stories with you last year.  This year David’s ‘Chummy’ story is definitely ‘Top of the Pops’, BUT….do you have any stories for us???  What happened yesterday that will become a continuing memory of the day??  What was funny or provoked your thoughts??  Share your memories with us here!!  We’re going to explore Facebook for ‘chit chat’ about our events…over to you, Kev!!!  Any donation of any sort is much appreciated by us here at Mersea Island Lions Club.  We are part of Lions International’, and we are a charity organisation.  Thank you to the many people that freely donated yesterday.  Once we have completed all the accounts you’ll know the financial ‘score’!!  If you’d like to nominate a ‘good cause’ email it to  We discuss and select financial awards to individuals and organsiations all the time…it’s a continuous process to ‘raise and praise’…..OK???  Always feel able to contact us at any time….we are listening!!  OK???  ATB CinC!!!!