WE050815 – 0700:  Thanks for you reminders to clarify these procedures.  JUDGES – Please arrive at the Show at around 1030.  Judging will commence at 1100 sharp…when the Show starts.  Judging ends at 1330 – details of your decisions to PETER DUERDEN OR JOHN GRADWELL AT 1330, please.  Awards process starts at 1400 within the Transport Classics arena.  THE START OF THE SHOW AND MARSHALS….it is critical that we operate in a way that is ‘firm but friendly’!!!!  The start must be ‘quick and slick’.  Marshals please muster at the Show site by 0745 ideally,  Vehicles will start to arrive at 0800, most arrive at around 1000, some after that!!  The process…Howard, Peter and John are ‘first faces’  at the arrival gate…we’ll spot the Entry Passes…we’ll then send vehicles to Rob, Colin, Ken who will direct the vehicles to the correct places.  Club people are in their own ‘zones’ – they can organise their positioning within their zones…NOT OUTSIDE THEM….OK???  We need help from all Club members with this, please.  Club Co-ordinators…please support this – please inform your members that….THE SHOW IS FULL…look at the entry lists!!  No delays…no overheating…new brilliant signs!!! (John G. made them!!!  Anyone in the estate agency business make contact with us for quotes, please!!!)  ENTRY PASSES….REMEMBER THEM, PLEASE.  If you have registered as an exhibitor, your name is on the ENTRY LISTS ON THIS WEBSITE.  If you’re not on the lists…TELL US NOW…we’re not adding to the lists or making changes now….IT’S TOO LATE!!  If your name is not on our lists, you will not be able to access the Show site…YOU WILL BE TURNED AWAY.  If you cannot come…PLEASE TELL US NOW.   That’s all for now!!  John G. (AKA…CinC)!!!  THANKYOU EVERYONE FOR YOUR TOLERANCE, ADVICE AND SUPPORT.  Thankyou, Trevor…I was seriously grumpy last night…apologies!!!  I had to endure some unreasonable, ill-informed, difficult and unpleasant exchanges earlier in the evening….not expected!!! J.