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SA17SEP16 – 0630:  If you are the owner of 452XUH, or you know the vehicle or the owner, THE VEHICLE HAS WON AN AWARD AT TRANSPORT CLASSICS ON MERSEA ISLAND.  The issue is that we don’t know the name and address of the owner.  We’d like to post his award to him.  It’s here in front of me now, but it should be with the owner.  Can you help us, please??  The vehicle is a bright red Plymouth Sedan.  It’s photographed in the Picture Gallery of our website.  The very nice people at Colchester Police Station can’t help us.  Do you know of any other way we can trace the vehicle or the owner??  HELP, PLEASE??   All our contact details are built into this website.  ATB John Gradwell – Show Co-ordinator.


FR02SEP16 – 1000:  Good morning, all.  I’ve heard a number of concerns about the end of  our Show.  We DID PLAN to present the awards in the arena from 4pm to 4.30pm, but for a number of reasons THE TIMING WENT WRONG – put it all down to me – I sincerely apologise – you can’t get the staff these days, can you!!!  However, this is the response, BUT IT DOES NEED A LITTLE HELP FROM SOME OF YOU.  If your name appears as a 2016 award winner in this website, you will, either, have received your salver at the end of our Show (on the 13th August) or you will have received it through the post.  If you haven’t received your award, PLEASE EMAIL US.  If you have please tell us, too – THANK YOU. THE PLAN – please take a good photograph of you standing near your vehicle looking really happy and holding the salver so that we can all see who won what!!!  You can send us more than 1 photo if you like.  We’ll open another place in the PHOTO GALLERY and call it 2016 AWARD WINNERS – your photographs will then be placed in that position – OK???  So, we need your photographs sent to , please.  IT WOULD BE REALLY GREAT IF WE COULD HAVE A PHOTO FROM ALL SALVER RECIPIENTS, PLEASE.  Having said all this, many of us here think that there should be a review of the awards.  THE REASON FOR THIS…..THE SHOW WAS MAGNIFICENT AND WE THINK YOU ARE ALL WINNERS.  So we are going to design a unique, high quality award that everyone can have in the future – what do you think??  Some people here think that BOTH the salvers and the new award should be presented in future….over to you…opinions into , please. Incidentally, we still need to know the name and address of the owner of the bright red 1931 Plymouth Sedan – 452XUH – HELP, PLEASE – ATB – John Gradwell  


TH01SEP16 – 1150: The owner of that brlliant bright red 1931 Plymouth Sedan – 452XUH – please contact us through showplanningteam@btinternet or by phone – 01206 384980.  You’ve won an award.  It’s here now waiting to be posted to you.  We need to know who you are and your postal address, please.  If you know this vehicle, please tell the owner about this request thank you.  Next stop….Colchester Police Station!!!  They may be able to help us!!!!!  ATB John Gradwell.


TH01SEP16 – 1045:  Many, many thanks to you all for coming to our Show.  As we’ ve said repeatedly in the past….YOU ARE THE SHOW…that’s why we don’t charge you for entry, we try raise income from what is around your display.  Some things, however, have been mentioned in a recent review.  The Show starts at 11.00am and finishes at 5.00pm.  There were some very significant reasons why people left early this year, and most were explained to us before the day.  However, it was again very disappointing to see vehicles leaving during the afternoon,  and by 4.00pm the photographs we have show very significant early departure.  We are exploring why because visitors arrive in the afternoon and pay to see a full show.  The visitors have a valid point, we think.  This is something we are addressing now, and your input is invited.  Please remember that we charge you nothing to share your time and your magnificent vehicles with our visitors.  AWARDS – we have always presented quite expensive, bright metal, engraved salvers to those vehicles selected by our judges during the day.  In our show the salvers are presented after 4pm..  There are very good reasons for this, and whilst we review our planning very regularly, it’s difficult to see an alternative at the moment.  At 4.30 on 13th August 2016, we tried to issue the salvers to the right recipients, but many had left early.  Those salvers have been posted to the right owners.  It would be good, if you’ve received a salver envelope in the post, that you could send us a short email to confirm receipt.  THANK YOU.  PLEASE BE IN NO DOUBT THAT WE ARE REVIEWING EVERY ASPECT OF THE EVENT.  Some changes will be made to try to keep everyone happy, but as we’re continuously advised, not an easy thing to achieve!!  One plan is to award a CERTIFICATE OF MERIT to every vehicle in the future because you are all winners at this event.  The 2017 Mersea Island Lions Summer Show is most likely to happen on SATURDAY 12th AUGUST 2017.  It is the Centennial of Lions Clubs International, so some ‘special’ things may be happening!!!  Once again, many thanks to you all for your support.  Please email us at if you’d like to advise us about changes that you would make to improve our event.  We know that judging and awards are again ‘at the top of our list’!!  May I again thank all our marshals, judges, supporters and advisers for everything you have been able to do to support this event.  My personal thanks go again and particularly to our I.T. genius, Peter Duerden, who has again put in hundreds of hours to steer the organisation of the Show in the right direction.  BRILLIANT, PETER.  THANK YOU.  Best wishes, all.  John Gradwell


TU30AUG16 – 1000:  Did you take any photographs of our Show??  If you did, please send them to  We’ll then display them in our PHOTO GALLERY.  We will, of course, acknowledge your work.  Your name will appear alongside your photo(s), unless you instruct us not to do this.  We are particularly looking for young people admiring the vehicles in the Show.  Have you seen ‘the little guy’ near the LaFrance Fire appliance??  It has all the right messages….A BRILLIANT MOMENT.  A stated aim for this event is to attract the younger generations into appreciating what restoration really is, and how to get involved.  We were actually very surprised, and very disappointed, to hear that we had fewer visits from the youngest generations….clearly something to address in our reviews of the events we organise.  Incidentally, we had record numbers of athletes running our 5 and 10 mile road races last Sunday.  We had entries from well over 400 people….stunning!!!  Well done, everyone……TRULY SPECTACULAR!!!  Incredible effort put in by all.  For ordinary folks…just look at the times in    Could you run 5 miles in less than half an hour????!!!!  Very well done also to SASKIA CLARK, our gold medal winning sailing genius at the Rio 2016 Olympics.  Mersea Island Lions send you our warmest congratulations.  A lifetime of effort from a very early age.  This is the key, I think.  ATB John Gradwell.


TU30AUG16 – 0945:  If you are, or you know, the owner of 452XUH we need to make contact, please.  452XUH has won one of our high quality engraved salver awards.  We will post it to the owner BUT we need to know who the owner is, and his home address, please.  The vehicle is a bright red 1931 Plymouth Sedan.  ANY HELP WOULD BE MUCH APPRECIATED.  THANK YOU.  John Gradwell.


TH25AUG16 – 2145:  REPEAT REQUEST – the owner of 452XUH, PLEASE CONTACT US – YOU’VE WON AN AWARD!  We’d like to post it to you, but we don’t know who you are or where you live.  Please email us at or phone 01206 384980…..THANK YOU….ATB Lion John Gradwell


SU21AUG16 – 1515:  Many, many thanks again and again to all of you who contributed to our Show.  Thank you to those of you who helped with the arrival and positioning stage between 8am and 11am.  Many thanks to our judges – all 52 of you – we know it wasn’t easy because of the very high quality of the exhibits.  You all worked so hard to be fair and objective.  The results are posted on the website in the EXHIBITORS MENU.  Don’t forget that we did not award more than 1 salver to any vehicle.  We have been ‘out and about’ today delivering salvers on and around Mersea Island, and the rest will be posted to owners next week.  We still have 20 Show Plaques ordered by you earlier this year.  If you want one, please email your request to  They are £2 each.  Thank you all owners and Club members for a truly magnificent display of class and quality- TOTALLY BRILLIANT.  If you have any photographs you took at the Show, please send them in, and we’ll post them into the photo gallery so we can all enjoy the memories of the day.  Thank you to Mercedes-Benz of Colchester for adding a new dimension to the Show.  Your display was magnificent – THANK YOU, ALL – John G.


TH18AUG16 – 1630:  We did order SHOW PLAQUES for those who requested one.  I have 28 left here now.  If you’d like one, please send a cheque for £2 payable to MERSEA ISLAND LIONS CLUB to John Gradwell at 3 Richmond Road, Mersea Island, Essex CO5 8PS  THANK YOU.  You’ll receive your plaque ‘by return’.  ATB  John G.